Due to 2024 Indian general election in Chhattisgarh, no advance liquor quota will be issued by CSD Canteen Kota Raipur, Extn Counter Bilaspur, Durg & Naya Raipur from 21 Apr to 10 May 2024. सभी के जानकारी के लिए । लिकर और ग्रोसरी स्टोर के ओपनिंग बोर्ड के कारन सी. एस. डी. कैंटीन रायपुर, एक्सटेंशन काउंटर बिलासपुर, दुर्ग और नया रायपुर दिनाँक 18 अप्रैल से 20 अप्रैल 2024 तक बंद रहेंगी । Liquor & Grocery stock is available in CSD Canteen Kota Raipur & it's all Extn Counters. Contact No 9685726593 9 AM to 05 PM. On line Booking is not mandatory.

Purchase of AFD-I Items

                                                  PURCHASE OF AFD-I ITEMS

1.     For purchase of AFD-I Items, please visit  WWW.CSDINDIA.GOV.IN

2.     Documents required for purchase of AFD-I Items for ESM/Serving personnel :-

         (a)     Indent form (Available at URC and also on WWW.CSDINDIA.GOV.IN

         (b)     Self attested copy of individuals canteen smart card.

         (c)      Availability Certificate from authorised CSD dealer.  The details of authorised CSD dealers are available at WWW.CSDINDIA.GOV.IN

         (d)      Copy of payment details.

         (e)      Self attested copy of PPO/Discharge book for ESM and serving certificate for serving person.

         (f)       Self attested copy of PAN Card.

         (g)      Self attested copy of Aadhar card.



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